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Da Rick Retro JUMP Jumpstyle Playlist

Subscribe on this special Spotify Playlist for free!  The best Jumpstyle beats from the early days with hits of Da Boy Tommy & Da Rick and; Massiv & the Rebel, Pat B, Furax, Dark-e, Coone and more heroes from the JUMPSTYLE era!
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Release 2024: 'Ketamine' Pat B, Dustin Hertz, Da Rick

Label: Yellow Fever


Release 2024: 'Have a nice day' Da Rick & Jan Vervloet

Label: Bonzai Records


  • 2 x Nr. 1 Ultratop BE (1999 & 2000)

  • Halloween +60.000 singles (Gold & Platinum)

  • Candyman +40.000 singles (Gold)

  • 4 x UltraTop 10 Belgie 

  • 42.516 Spotify streams per week

  • + 7.000.000 comb. Spotify streams

  • 4.533 followers on Spotify

  • Over 15 million comb. views on YouTube


  • 2 x Top 10 Ultratop BE (1999 & 2000)

  • Rumble +25.000 singles (Benelux)

  • Attention first chart #14 Ultratop

  • Album 69: #4 Ultratop Albums

  • 22.357 Spotify streams per week

  • + 4.000.000 comb. Spotify streams

  • 4.533 followers on Spotify

  • Over 13 million comb. views on YouTube


  • Nr. 8 USA Billboard Hot 100 (2005)

  • Nr. 1 Billboard Mainstream Top 40 (2005)

  • Over 500.000 singles sold (Gold Record) USA

  • 4 x Billboard Dance Top 20

  • 105.107 Spotify streams per week

  • + 32.000.000 comb. Spotify streams

  • 9,3 Million comb. Apple Music streams

  • Over 300 million comb. views on YouTube


  • Alone 1998 - Ultratop dance chart (vinyl)

  • Alone Remixes coming soon!

  • Jumpin' Time release at Smash Classics

  • 29 Virus compilations released

  • 4.940 Spotify streams per week

  • 1 Million comb. Spotify streams

  • 4200 subscribers on YouTube

  • Over 30 million comb. views on YouTube


JUMPER Records is the home label of many Da Rick & Da Boy Tommy tracks. Jumper was founded in 1997 to create a whole new label for the new music style called JUMP or JUMPSTYLE. Da Rick & Da Boy Tommy are considered the creators of the Belgian Jumpstyle! 
Later a lot of other artist joined Jumper Records: Massiv & the Rebel, Steve Dexter, DJ Stone, Danny C, Polycarpus and many many more.

For all info on our Music & License Requests contact: Flor Theeuwes

WARNING: As of 2017 our former Belgian Record Company: Impart Productions BVBA (Mechelen, Belgium) has been declared bankrupt and is no longer handling any of our music and business.
Former owner Markus Hackenjos is NOT the manager, representing the label or doing business for Da Rick, Da Boy Tommy, Jumper Records or Impart Productions. Translated court documentation on this bankruptcy case is available on request.

Are you a former license partner / label of JUMPER RECORDS?
Contact us as soon as possible. Information, questions & requests regarding all songs; past, present and future contact: Flor Theeuwes.


This is a live registration of Da Rick's DJ-set at Decibel 2022

The Retro Area on Savage Sunday.

It is published on the Official B2S - Soundcloud