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10 Years since death Da Boy Tommy

February 24th 2013 was the day Tommy Debie 'Da Boy Tommy' passed away. On the 10th of November 2012 Tommy got in a Car-accident and went into a coma which led to his death a few months later. He is being missed by his sons, Jasper and Pieter, his wife and family and friends.

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'Maniac' on Smash the House

Smash the House released 'the Crystal winter' album on the 18th of November 2022.On this album you will find different covers of the biggest DJ's and Producers in the world.

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Da Rick eigen stage op Kamping Kitsch Club 2022

Na al 2 x de Mainstage van Kamping Kitsch Club te hebben afgesloten en 1 jaar de spoiler room te hebben ge-host heb ik dit jaar een eigen tent op het gaafste verkleed festival ter wereld; De Terror Tente by Da Rick & Friends op Kamping Kitsch Club!

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